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I'm a 33 year old small town girl in the heart of Maryland.

I attended school to fulfill my dream of being a teacher.

During that time, I met the man who changed my world.

Six years later, we were married in the town we both grew up in.

I am a mom of three kiddos.


I like to call myself a self-taught/freelance photographer.

 My passion is within boudoir/women centered photography.

 I also teach at a local preschool + I rep for a beauty/skincare, a clothing and a scent/decor company. Shop here


I published my first book in Spring 2020 - check it out!


I believe in God, Love & the importance of Family!

 I love singing in the car, hitting the gym, dancing + traveling.

I'm a huge fan of super moist cupcakes, astronomy + walking barefoot. 

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