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I want to write a Children's Book

Writing a book is not a new idea for me.

It is a new idea for most of my friends and family. Writing came naturally to me but not in a conventional way. I enjoyed writing notes to friends, expressing myself in blogs and any other platform I made my way onto.

As far as spelling and grammar go I am not the best and will always take an editor's eye over my own. In my mind, I could let sentences run on forever and add punctuation mid thought as I do in real life.


The age of 32 was rapidly approaching and I felt torn in lots of areas of my life. Could I open my own photo studio or partner with someone else? My dream studio involves lots of brick walls, industrial windows and ceilings and a city vibe. This is mainly possible in Baltimore. Baltimore isn't far, in fact it's only a half of an hour drive.

So where is the issue?

No where but the woman writing this.

You see, I have a fear of bridges. This is something new for me. That fear cripples me into other things surrounding driving and that includes into a city like Baltimore. SO unless someones going to be my personal driver [THAT WOULD BE AWESOME] then I need to find something closer and laid back.

Now that Ive told you my dream studio design - lets go deeper.

I would love for my studio to be on a farm.

I know, I know! An industrial studio on a farm?!


How crazy insane would it be?! It would be well sought out and unique!

One day yall. One day!

So why does this come into play? Why am I letting this out? One because I can and want BUT because its the very reason I decided it is time to write a book.

Since my son Henry was little and obsessed with rainboots I had the idea of making a mini series about him and those boots. He wore them EVERYWHERE and that is no exaggeration. In fact, as he grew out of those - he was gifted new ones in a bigger size. Everyone knew Henry by his boots and it was hard for him to accept any other footwear as his own. I just never knew when the day would be right for this series to kick off.

I spent months [probably longer] looking at studio/apartment options, my husband even joined in on the search in hopes to present me with the ideal studio. We were having no luck. We dont own the place we live so converting any space or building onto a home isnt an option either. It made me frustrated but it also made me think of other passions I had.

Writing a book immediately popped up.

I used Facebook to start me off by asking questions like "Who has self published" or "Do you know an illustrator?". This sent me down the rabbit hole of Fiverr, Amazon, Google and many websites.

I decided I preferred self publishing over seeking out an agent/major publishing company. Why? To be honest, I dont feel I am anywhere near ready to approach something that big. While I enjoy writing, I have a passion for it and Im stuffed of ideas... I am not ready for that yet and possibly ever.

I am hoping for success by doing this self publish route but at the end of the day it is all new to me and this is why I want to keep track of this journey through a blog.

What I will say now is this... this is my journal, my safe space and mine. So it wont be properly edited, spaced or laid out. As of now, itll be fluid and written the way I prefer.

Enjoy and let me know if youre on this journey too!

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