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Just Put Your Name on The Dotted Line

It's official!

[anyone catch that J.Lo lyric in the title? "Get Right" by Jennifer Lopez]

I signed my proposals/agreements and have begun the process to self-publishing my very first book. EEEKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd love to walk you all through the emotions of this process though!

Overall, it has been a mix of anxiety and excitement. This sounds normal right? For me, it was so extreme! I was making myself physically ill over every little decision. I had a migraine for over a straight week!

Granted, I can also blame it on a lot of things. I was cutting out sugar 100% from my food choices, my boys had the flu back to back from one another and I was using my screen time way more than normal. HOWEVER, the migraine didn't hold me back from doing my researching, making phone calls to family and truly mapping things out on paper.

I talked out loud to God a lot but he was already speaking louder the last few weeks. At church two Sundays ago, my brain was going 1000 miles a minute spewing out various book ideas. WHERE ON EARTH DID THESE EVEN COME FROM!?

I felt it. I felt that pull. I felt the push. I felt the shift in energy around me.



I have never had something speak to me so loudly, so clearly and so adamantly. The last time something even claim somewhat this close was when I decided to join Senegence. [more about that in the future] Even then, it was just a very simple dream and I decided to take a leap nearly 3 years ago that has gone very well.

This has been amplified ten-fold in comparison.

I am having strong dreams, I am constantly having 2-3 book ideas come into my head a day and I feel NERVOUS. This is a sign that things are important to me. I can barely keep up with the energy coming from this.

I now have mini and full sized notebooks everywhere for me to jot down whatever is popping up in my head. I need to reign in all of these ideas and truly put myself to work.

My next step will be marketing myself and creating funds to support this journey!

Talk soon!

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