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The week of The Big Decision [referred to as the TBD from now on] I looked to one of my illustrator and author groups on Facebook. I was seeking advice on how to expect how much to invest in publishing a book.

The answered varied but none of them fell short of $2000.00. WHOA BABY!

Along with this, a published author commented to share her story of fully self publishing. She let me know she was hosting a free masterclass on Zoom twice this weekend. I quickly signed myself up and almost regretted that it wouldn't be until after my follow up call with my now publisher. I prayed on it and knew God would lead me where I needed to be going.

I told myself that most likely I would be sold something by the end of the master class because this is how you attract customers. You offer something for free worthy of a needed service or guidance or sought out tips on a specific subject. Then you offer them an introductory offer or class or discount to be apart of your business model. Im not offended by this but rather enamored by how well people handle their skill set.

Saturday morning arrived and I set my kiddos up with their tablets after being fed and asking them to clean their rooms. My husband had to work but I could not let that be an excuse for missing this Zoom call. Fortunately, the speaker [author] was also recording this call and let us know she'd send the link for it once we finished. I cleared off my desk space and made room for a notepad and lots of pens. I did not want to be unprepared.

The MasterClass highlighted how to successfully launch a book. This is a step thats way down the road for me but it's also something I can work on planning now versus rushing at the end of my book making process.

Lauren Ranalli was the speaker and she did a wonderful job covering four main topics of a successful book launch and sales. She harped on the importance of connecting with our audience, not overspending on marketing and reminded us to be intentional. She wants us to work on our branding so we become recognizable. All her tips and suggestions were spot on and I filled out two pieces of paper during this 40 minute Zoom call [it was an hour but some of it was waiting for others to hop on and the rest was Q&A]

I felt energized after this call and now have a list of To Dos

1. Make my brand + have graphics/logo to match it

2. Plan a launch/release party

3. Plan out the financials - goals, plans and costs

So, stay tuned for fundraising, events and more revolving around this book! Im going to need a community to rally behind me to make this dream a reality.

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