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Should I Self Publish?

What caught my eye about book writing was the ever increasing number of writers using platforms such as Amazon to publish their books for free. Amazon takes a set cut and the author takes the rest. You can choose to have an E-Book, Paperback and or hardcover. Lots of good options and a very simple system to upload and design the book.

Was Amazon a good fit for me though?

I read a lot of articles trying to give me an idea of others experiences and most importantly successes using only Amazon. Overall, it seemed like a smart idea to use Amazon but only if you were implementing strategies to help you succeed.

  1. Hire an editor - Regardless of self publishing or not, having a decent editor is crucial for the cohesiveness of your story. While I enjoy writing, I can also readily admit I do not have the best grammar skills. I need someone to glance over my writings to help cancel out repetitiveness and mistakes.

  2. Know how to market or hire someone who does - You'll need some way or someone to help hype up your story and redirect it back to your sales.

  3. Hire an illustrator - I am slowly teaching myself how to draw but I am certainly not prepared to illustrate my own stories. Not only am I not prepped for the investment of tools and softwares but I am also lacking in knowledge. Experienced illustrators understand margins, proportions, layers, shading, expressions and lines meant to emote proper emotions and how to meet deadlines.

There were a lot of other recommendations but I am sure I'll make a formal blog about my own suggestions when it comes to fully self publishing on your own.

I told myself Amazon would be my backup plan and not in a negative way. I wanted to continue to research how you made things happen in the writers world. I looked to facebook networking groups to get more answers.

I ended up having a neighbor/friend reach out to me and let me know someone close to her had actually just launched her first education journal and would be happy to connect us. When she did, I was able to learn that her friend Mary had self published but through a company! I had no idea that was even a possibility! She opened up in great length about her experience, preparation and what's happened since she launched it last year! It turned out she was apart of the nursery school down the road from me!

God works in many ways!!!

She was gracious enough to give me the name of the publisher she used right away! I wrote it down and told myself to look into it. I continued looking up company names and found a website that gives you a list of WATCH YOUR BACK company names; I was relieved to see the company Ive been considering was not listed!

I prayed, I worried, I talked to various friends and family members about this decision. There was a VERY low risk of using Amazon and being exclusive to them. I could be in charge of hiring my own illustrator which was seeming daunting. I do recommend using Fiverr [another recommendation I recieved] to find creatives! I was left in amazement of how many talented people are on there.

My first book will not be self published on my own. I am looking into a company who will help guide me through my first book. They are willing to have an initial consultation, review the manuscript, have a follow up call with the owner who is an award winning published author, go over proposals with room to edit those proposals and remain in control of my work.

Self publishing would mean I retain the rights to my book, I keep the majority of the profits while not being left in the dark!!

In the future, maybe I will go through only Amazon for select titles OR maybe a major publisher will scoop me up OR maybe I'll fall in love with some other way of getting my books printed and distributed!

Time will tell...Stay tuned!

Mary is the author and educator over at Healthy Equation and you can see her amazing site and purchase her journal!

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