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Social Media - Here I am!

I felt inspired after the master class to form my social media presence. I feel for a lot of those who know me well would almost giggle at this notion. I feel they would think, "Hey, she already knows so much and knows so many people". I would beg to differ.

It's taken me over nine years to truly grasp onto maybe 1/4 of what the social media world truly has to offer. I believe it took me that long because I did it for fun and not profit. Over the last few years that mentality changed but not 100%. I have focused on content I am putting out there versus just rambling aimlessly. I have aimed to find somewhat of a brand for myself.

It's very hard for me to want to brand myself as I feel there are so many parts to me. There is the razzle dazzle who adores sparkle, glitter and bold colors. That side of me focuses on radiance, beauty and excitement! Then, there is a part of me who clings to the earthy hippie soul I have deep inside. That side is about deep greens, pops of copper and gold and lots of burgundy and black splashed with cream. It touches into my side of respect, honor, gratitude and positivity with a passion for taking care of whats around us. This would be more of the watercolors, florals and dreamcatchers. How do I combine the two? Are they meant to be combined?

Social media is split in half when it comes to branding.

You will find the audience who craves the cohesiveness that branding can bring with it. The matchy matchy IG feeds and the color specific graphics on social media. Then, youll find the ones who just simply want the raw and real versus the whiteboard flat lays and overly brightened 'working' photos.

What about me? It's my brand after all. What do I want?

If youre catching on quick enough, youd know I want both! I love the cleanness of themed feeds but I also adore and admire the raw and the real. The books I am writing for children are full of real moments mixed with fantasy. The books I will be writing for adults are going to be RAW and very much ME. Which means, if my house is a trainwreck - I want to be showing that on social media.

For example; to my left is FIVE baskets worth of laundry in a big pile waiting for my husband and I to tackle. THIS would be the image I would take - and no I dont have it to show you because I am not great at charging my phone so its on my bed charging while I type this up!

Anywho - I took the time to make myself a new Facebook Business page [come follow]! This already seemed daunting as I have numerous facebook pages and groups to manage. I found it important to make a page anyways because I want this page to be a place for fans and their families alike to come follow and be apart of.

My plan for this page is to have readers share their fan art, selfies/photos with the book and when they join in on events or readings they can be in the conversation. I also want this page to be a place for my kiddos to join in on the fun! They can read stories aloud on camera and interact with our younger audience.

I still need to tap into Instagram and Pinterest but one thing at a time! Instagram looks like it will be a great additive since it stems more on images than anything else.

Another thing I want to work on is figure out how to make a shopping portion to my author site to allow readers to purchase books and any other releases that may launch! This will come in the next few months!

Let us know any ideas you have as far as products to release!

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