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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

One of my next steps after approving my manuscript is putting together a storyboard for my illustrator. I felt intimidated about this step because I wasn't sure what it would be like.

The ones I had created back in my school years varied in the format. A few were simply boxes that needed mini sketches placed inside and others needed lots of detail. I can see what I want my illustrations to look like inside of my head but to bring them to life - that seems so challenging.

It becomes challenging for me because I do not know where I can or should not over step in descriptions. I think this feeling comes on stronger because I am so closely tied to this story and I want it to be perfect. One side of me is ready to send images from the time in my life this book is set from, with descriptive words for days and almost aim to imitate whats in my brain onto paper in sketch form. The other side of me wants to be slightly more general and allow the illustrator to create something brand new for me.

I am hoping I can find a happy median for this project. This storyboard did not call for sketches or submission of any images that may have influenced this story. As of now its illustrator notes placed with my manuscript.

It wasn't hard to finish this task due to the fact that I had already wrote out my illustration descriptions when I first wrote the story. As my older blog had mentioned, I was originally torn between hiring an illustrator or using one through a company.

What became daunting was seeing my text beside the illustration descriptions in such a 'limited' format. I almost feel as if there might be too many words or parts to this story then I had originally thought.

I decided to still submit the storyboard and reached out to my publisher. I am due to submit my editor approval by midnight so I want to make sure I am submitting something that is finished appropriately.

I can't tell if this is simply my mind overthinking or if its truly something worth taking note of.

On a stressful note - I scheduled my followup call for today and my phone was on silent and never rang. My visual voicemail showed no missed messages. About 20 minutes after my phone call, I decided to check my email to see if I had missed her needing to reschedule. WRONG. She had apparently called AND left a voicemail AND sent an email . OH NO! I reached out right away to apologize and get a new plan in place.

I was so disappointed and embarrassed but we have a new appointment set for Monday. SIGH. I truly wanted this meeting today to get her thoughts on my edited manuscript, my storyboard layout WITH the manuscript and some other questions.

BUT. I always believe God's timing is better than mine so I will trust this process and know things will happen as they are meant to... Keep you posted!

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