• Chanel

Sweet 16

If you are following on our Facebook page [you are, right!?] then you saw our big MIC DROP!

We are estimated to release in SIXTEEN WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, sixteen!

As with any venture/business/release we could see setbacks or sped up timelines. Either way, it is so exciting to have a timeframe to reflect upon! My whole body is pumped with energy.

My illustrator will officially sign on this week and I'll be able to work with her through this process by sending her photographs for reference and sending my ideas! My publisher and I spoke for our meeting and it was bomb-tastic! She had so many similar ideas for layouts and wording that it gave me that fist-pump-in-the-air feeling. It felt GOOD.

She told me it is time to begin working towards my release party[ies] and the marketing to go with it. The estimated timing would put me around mid-June, which is when school ends for my boys. I believe spring sports will also be over by then so this frees up schedules in one sense. In another sense, vacations, camps, weddings and graduation parties will also kick off.

I will need to try and narrow a date down ASAP to get people excited and ready for this launch party!

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