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The Writer Community

I have spent a solid amount of time within the creative community; more closely the photography community. I have met some solid photographers and with that breath, some closed off and unfriendly ones too.

This has left the path of photography to be extremely lonely. The lifestyle and schedule of a photographer does not help much either. Most photographers spend most of their free time marketing, editing and taking photographs at various sessions and events. We are leaving parties early to make a sunset session or going to bed early to make a sunrise session!

While there are plenty of ways to lessen the load, it can still prove difficult to cultivate relationships with other photographers. A few local photographers in the area [and other creatives] have aimed to build a strong community over competition idea! It is very much needed. I barely feel like I can share or ask openly without judgement or being ignored. I am praying their idea continues to snow ball and inspire all creatives to respect, love and help each other. We are in this together!

So I mainly keep to myself, read articles, watch tutorials and watch from the screen. I attend events when my schedule permits but its rare.

Motherhood somewhat adds to the lonely factor. I can't always attend meetups due to not having someone to be with my kiddos or having their events to be apart of. It is all apart of being Mom but does not make it any easier.

MOST days, I can handle the loneliness and cling to the blessings I do have. Other days, you can find me teary eyed, depressed or wishing I never ventured into this world of photographers. I've even had a photographer continuously accuse me of various things before we had even met. We didn't live very close by. It was a low point for me but my friends picked me up. My husband always had the right solutions. We kept on moving.

Why am I expressing this?

One, it weighs heavy on my heart.

Two, I have happier news to share.

The writer community [thus far] has proven to be the complete opposite. Once I got this idea, I joined various networking groups for authors, illustrators, newbies and writers. I immediately began asking thousands of questions. [Alright - maybe six questions] I wasn't given snarky responses or made to feel a fool for asking questions I probably could have learned in writers 101 at a local community college. INSTEAD. I was poured onto.

I was given tips, software names, referral codes, mentors to follow, workshops to join [FREE ONES TOO!] and lots of advice.

As other peoples questions popped into my newsfeed, I would glance over their threads and see continued support and connections. HOW REFRESHING!!

This was a community that was full of creatives looking to help fix crowns, adjust mindsets and encourage people. Not full of those waiting to screenshot other peoples skills, not full of people trolling and waiting to tear others apart and certainly not full of people being afraid to share their ideas in angst of someone claiming they stole an idea or shouldn't recreate something for their own.


Anyone know how many times Cinderella has been redone?!

I'll give you a hint - no one actually knows because its at least 3000 times.

Stay in your lane and help others RISE UP and CONQUER!

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