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What's my next step?

Paperwork has been signed. AWESOME!

So what's next for this journey??

I submitted my copy of my manuscript along with a book synopsis before I got my approval. This was for them to see if my story had any readability for a young audience. Fortunately, they felt it did and of course had some suggestions/corrections right off the bat. [ie. grammar]

We've hired my editor who is hard at work and will be done fully diving into my manuscript on President's Day! I love how quickly things are moving but it's also because my publisher is guiding me well.

The weekend after I signed paperwork she had sent me a manual with a step by step of what to expect and what will be needed. My editor also had a list of what would be required to move forward. So I typed up an About the Author and About the Book and sent it on over.

It was different writing about myself in third person. I ended up changing my About Me on my photography site too! I wanted it to sound more professional the way the About the Author seemed.

From here, I wait for my editor to go over everything, leave notes, corrections and changes before sending it over to me. I will be able to go through it all and adjust as I prefer. Once I do that my final copy will be made before we add in illustrations!

It all seems so FINAL now in terms of what I can do with this story. I feel this way because the editor is no longer allowing me to send in any additions or changes. What I have submitted is what she will be reviewing.

I can always change the story after she is done marking it up but after so many corrections; I need to pay for more services. This completely makes sense but it also harps on how important forming my stories strongly before submission is.

So now comes the hard part of impatiently waiting...

This blog is serving as my note taking for my next book. Yes, there will be more!

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